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Name: Victoria
From: La Défense, France
Your site is excellent. Good job... I love this layout...
Entry created: 02-10-2003 20:58
Name: Natasha Underwood
From: Suva (Capital), Fiji
Hey Jewel, You\'ve been an amazing inspiration to my music. I've since learnt the true art of singing through your songs, and your lyrics have taught me to FEEL my words and link it to my heart. I can't begin to tell you what it feels like to wake up to your songs playing or play the guitar to your songs. The originality of your style has given me strength and confidence to write music my way and not how others want it written. I\'ve been waiting for an opportunity to watch you in concert "live". For me that'll be a dream come true. If by any chance you'll be touring Australia (somewhere close to my country) this year, please send me a date of your concert and if "luck" is on my side, I'll be sure to make it.
All the best for your future endeavours
Entry created: 02-03-2003 3:50
Name: Jessica
From: Whitby, Canada
Could you please post the Jewel picture in the December issue of In Style magazine
Entry created: 01-26-2003 22:29
Name: Michael Schaefer
From: St. Helena, United States of America
this is the best jewel image site ever.....i will look no further for any more sites for jewel images....thank you! as part of my thank you, i am adding a link on my site to ur you have a banner? for now, i'll create one for you temporarily until you give me one....thanks!
Entry created: 01-20-2003 22:48
Name: cheer
From: kuching, sarawak, Malaysia
hi,jewel,you\'ve made a lots of nice song by your own you\'re the know why, become your fans i would like to know more about music .you\'re wonderful women.i means if got a change i really want to see your show.more and now i got your album and i buy it by my own .you\'re great.hope you may do the other album soon.well hope you fine and healthy always..i love your song like their creator too....
Entry created: 01-12-2003 8:53
Name: Emilie
From: Boston, United States of America
This is really the largest Jewel gallery online !! I love your website !!! Thank you !!

Entry created: 12-27-2002 7:58
Name: Ciara
From: Philadelphia, United States of America
Happy Holidays!
Entry created: 12-18-2002 7:04
Name: Philecia Isaacson
From: Edgewood, Canada
Dear Jewel, I want to say that you inspire me to make my dreams to come true, to be a true person to myself. I love your music, the way you play guitar is fantastic and your voice is the voice of the soul. Your writing is like no other, you have an amazing talent. I have wrote songs and poems since I could pick up a pen. My mom and dad can sing very well, and they used to be in a few bands through the 60's and 70's. They play guitar and are very influential as you are too. I now play guitar and sing myself. I can do a few of your songs as well. Theres a cafe in Edgewood here(a small town in the middle of no where) where musicians in the area go up and play. I have done that for the past few months. I have gone up at the bar as well with a live band, but i did your song "Standing Still" I had so much fun. I think it must be an addrenaline rush for you to do what you do. I had a very good crowd. Everyone had a great time. Im hoping knowing the person you are, that you read these personaly yourself, i sure hope you do becausei would like this to get to you. I am 17, in British Columbia, and i really wanted to make it on September 1st at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to see you but i couldn't afford to make the trip down. But i hope you read this, and i love you!! Email me back! Cya.
Entry created: 12-04-2002 19:57
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