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Name: caroline yallappa
From: quatre bornes, Mauritius
jewel you\'re my source of inspiration. your songs are marvellous and reveale a lot about human nature. thanks for all.
Entry created: 10-12-2005 20:01
Name: Shan
From: Jakarta, Indonesia
firstly and formost, much gratitude to Rindert Vonk for making this awsome website. This is the first website that provide the largest number of jewel's picture ever! the quality are nice, some are incredible. but i've found many mistaken hyperlinks in lots of picture. it would be nice if you guys fix it soonly. i'm #1 Jewel's fan in Indonesia, even i'm only fifteen. Thanks for those pictures and some informations. you guys has made a big change to the world for providing jewel's pictures, YOU GUYS ARE ROCKS! JEWEL IS THE BEST!
Entry created: 08-15-2005 13:02
Name: Mr.CC
From: Nevada, United States of America
The site looks great. You've got the world's biggest online Photo Gallery. It's great! Thanks for all you've done here.
Entry created: 08-09-2005 7:18
Name: Lara Mitoff
From: Toronto, Canada
Fantastic site! Best I\'ve seen so far! Thanks!
Entry created: 08-01-2005 21:56
Name: J
From: LA, United States of America
She has awesome breasts! its too bad her music isn't as good
Entry created: 07-25-2005 0:09
Name: Marc
From: Ipswich, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Jewel is the most talented female singer iv ever heard and shall ever hear,she has beauty to match her pure goddess angelic voice that melts my heart every time i hear it...Her music is beautiful poetry.
Im sure that everytime Jewel sings it'll always be a sunny day,coz she is "The Fallen Angel"
Thanx Jewel for the wonderful music that you bless us and this earth with... ;o)
Entry created: 06-10-2005 10:26
Name: Ine
From: Roosendaal, Netherlands

Gelukkig, deze link werkt wel! Snel die andere weer maken he! ;-)...
Ik vind Jewel ook echt wel tof, of in ieder geval... d'r uitgebrachte platen vond ik allemaal wel erg stoer! Vooral 'Stand' vond ik wel gaaf...

Spreek je!

Doeiii (K) Ine
Entry created: 05-15-2005 20:18
Name: Cassondra Rangel
From: Denton, United States of America
love you
Entry created: 04-27-2005 22:06
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