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Name: GŁnther
From: lalale, Germany
nice website. im waiting for a the videoshots of \\\"Intiuition\\\" is there anything comin up in the future ?
Entry created: 08-04-2003 18:38
Name: ole henningsen
From: jels, Denmark
Very good site you have here
Entry created: 07-07-2003 23:06
Name: FŠtima
From: Mexico, Mexico
Your site rocks!! The layout is lovley and the content is just wonderful. Thanks for having this wonderful site!! Thanks SO much. Keep up the awesome job, thumbs up!!!
Entry created: 07-01-2003 18:15
Name: Sarah Marie Brunnemer
From: Kokomo, United States of America
Man, Jewel is the greatest artist alive, she really shows the others what true talent is. It is my greatest goal, dream to someday meet her.
Entry created: 06-12-2003 0:00
Name: Lori
From: TO, Canada
Great site! Can\'t find the blender pics though....*sad*.

Are you an EDA, by chance? Keep up the good Jewel representation!
Entry created: 06-05-2003 11:52
Name: Keith
From: denver, United States of America
Wanted to see the Blender photos, but the pictures aren\'t showing up on your site...can you e-mail them to me?
Entry created: 06-03-2003 22:48
Name: Sasha
From: Zagreb, Croatia
Hi guys!
Great site, I just wanted to say that in spite of this new directon Jewel is headed to, we will always have certain HONEST songs to listen to....Anyone who agrees with me? feel free to e-mail me anytime. Hugs&kisses from Croatia!
Sure, Jewel will
Entry created: 05-29-2003 16:52
Name: Julia
From: South Surrey, Canada
Does anyone knoe when Jewel will come to Vancouver for a Vancouver? I\"ve been looking ALL over the internet and I have found nothing on when she\'s coming back to B.C. Please e-mail me.

Entry created: 05-22-2003 1:05
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