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Name: Megan
From: New Jersey, United States of America
by far the best collection of Jewel photos I've seen thus far. big thumbs up for that, and thanks to the creator for taking the time to archive all of these great photos of the one and only, Jewel Kilcher. a beautiful site, for a very, very beautiful singer. :) love the site, love the pics, love Jewel.
Entry created: 07-21-2004 22:27
Name: corey
From: saint michael, United States of America
Great site! Awesome pictures, I think Jewel is very pretty and very sexy (when she wants to be). I will be retruning to this site...
Entry created: 07-17-2004 22:38
Name: Venla
From: Helsinki, Finland
First off, thank you for an amazing site! But what's wrong with It's not working. I hope it's not because someone's filed a lawsuit against our Michiel...
Entry created: 07-14-2004 19:13
Name: Nata
From: Europe, Finland
Im soooo glad this site is back.This is best picture site for Jewel and please let this be forever.Don\'t never put again this site down.8or always come back)
Entry created: 07-12-2004 12:57
Name: dean aydelott
From: red oak iowa, United States of America
i love you jewel
Entry created: 06-12-2004 1:19
Name: Ramy Abu Najem
From: Amman, Jordan
i just want 2 say thanx coz I LOVE JEWEL SOOO VEREY MUCH ...
she is like the air & water 4 me ..
RaM = )
Entry created: 05-14-2004 4:08
Name: annie
From: everett, United States of America
Hey Jewel, i think that u r the BEST! i luv yur music and songs! especially that you write your own songs! ----smile---
Entry created: 05-03-2004 23:51
Name: Shan
From: Jakarta, Indonesia
Much gratitude to this site for giving the best photos to Jewel's fans. I love this site, it's realy cool and rocks. This is the one of the best Jewel's site I've ever seen. Thanks for the photos
Entry created: 04-20-2004 11:42
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