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Name: eun hee
From: seoul, Korea, Republic of
hollo~!!! Jewel *^^* I live in seoul, Korea. I like you music(standing stil, break me... ) jewel nice day~~ ^^
Entry created: 09-10-2002 15:33
Name: Nikhil Manglik bahraich
From: baharich behraich, India
nice site..keep it up..
Entry created: 08-21-2002 15:13
Name: Andrew Hagerstrom
From: Savage, United States of America
I just had to come and check out this site. Since the webmaster put my minneapolis pics up and refered me here. Nice site gotta add it to my favorites. Nice photo collection too. I'm going to try to get to the Duluth show on friday 8/16/02. Wish me luck.
Entry created: 08-16-2002 5:58
Name: Jake
From: St.Louis, United States of America
You have the best and most complete Jewel pic site there is. I love to just come and look at it every once in a while. THere's usually a new picture that I've never seen before. Where did you find the one in the posed section where she is walking down the road at her boyfriends ranch wearing a shirt and cowboy boots?
Entry created: 08-15-2002 8:57
Name: Arty Leigence
From: Kalispel, United States of America
Always anxiously awaiting the next update. It's a great site.
Entry created: 07-08-2002 13:09
Name: Euterpe
From: Charlotte, United States of America
Awesome site! I was looking everywhere for pics, and now I know exactly where to come!
Entry created: 07-01-2002 21:38
Name: Indra
From: Hoorn, Netherlands
Wooosh! Great site. Finally a site that has decent Jewel pictures. I'm setting up a Jewel site myself right now, and though I'm not gonna do a gallery as huge as this one, I'm asking for permission to use some pictures.... I'd be very grateful!! :) ~indra
Entry created: 06-20-2002 16:47
Name: David
From: Bradenton, United States of America
Just wanted to say that I went to the opening show of Jewel's American tour in Tampa on Friday, June 14th. She was amazing! This is the third time I have seen her perform, but this time I was about ten feet from the stage. She is without a doubt absolutely beautiful. Her voice is so powerful...she just keeps getting better with every new song she has released. I know she will only continue to do well in her career. It's nice to be able to witness someone with the talent she has and know she will be around for a long time. Thanks for the great web site. I'm sure Jewel appreciates it too. If anyone who reads this has never seen Jewel perform live, go now. You will LOVE her!
Entry created: 06-19-2002 17:42
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