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Name: rick
From: Ursem, Netherlands

nice site!!:D
JEWEL holland loves you!!
I hope you come to holland soon or later...!
I will be there then.
much -xxx- rick

Entry created: 04-18-2004 0:20
Name: Elena
From: Victoria, Australia
Still cannot view your new pictures. Please can you help. I Hope dutch is still not giving you a hard time. I think it is a great site. you just need to fix the new picture gallery.
Entry created: 03-30-2004 11:30
Name: dutchjewelfan
From: amsterdam, Netherlands

Entry created: 03-27-2004 22:20
Name: John Bault
From: Madison Heights, United States of America
Welcome back, Rindert!! Missed you much while you were gone! Love the huge gallery but could not see the new pictures. Can you help?
Entry created: 03-27-2004 22:03
Name: Bubba Longhorn
From: Texas, Denmark
Ooooo. I'm scared you're gonna get sued. You took all your stuff from me and I stole it fair and square.

Finders keepers.
Entry created: 03-27-2004 2:35
Name: Elena
From: Victoria, Australia
your new pictures, are not coming up on the screen,when i view your website. P.S i love your website.
Entry created: 03-27-2004 0:25
Name: dutchjewelfan
From: amsterdam, Netherlands

Entry created: 03-26-2004 20:49
Name: seckin
From: kocaeli, Turkey
i love you jewel
you are wonderful
you are number one

Entry created: 03-19-2004 18:13
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