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Name: Shan
From: Jakarta, Indonesia
This site are cool and rock!!!
Entry created: 03-17-2004 14:07
Name: the shadow
From: Middle of nowhere, Guam
Thanks for the photos

Entry created: 11-08-2003 3:35
Name: asheligh
From: benalla, Australia
this site rocks
Entry created: 10-22-2003 10:31
Name: Emily Griffiths
From: Vancouver, Canada
This is a great site! SO much good info! Thanks so much for all the time you've obviously put into it!
: ) Emily
Entry created: 10-03-2003 20:52
Name: nicky
From: groningen, Netherlands
Great Site!

Nu staat er wel iets van mij op
Entry created: 09-22-2003 15:29
Name: David
From: somewhere, Canada
Great site...I wish it would keep updating. It\'s one of my favorite Jewel sites on the net!
Entry created: 09-19-2003 1:24
Name: Terry Corby
From: Detroit, MI, United States of America
Great site. It\'s too bad it won\'t be updated any longer - it\'s probably the most comprehensive set of pics I\'ve seen!!! I hope he changes his mind and updates again!
Entry created: 08-23-2003 23:42
Name: cEcE..wAS..hEAS...HAHA....
From: pontiac..yak-town.., United States of America
yeah...i am heas..haha.a...this is cool...haha.....well.. am glad i am heas...
Entry created: 08-11-2003 19:51
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