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Name: Christiane
From: Brelim, Germany
Great site! Wonderful pics! Nice job!
I loved the new layout! It\'s faster than the last one, though it was good, too. This website is pretty cool, and well-designed! Congratulations!
Entry created: 04-19-2003 5:25
Name: Jesiel Alvaro Santos Trevisan
From: Campinas - SP, Brazil
Wonderful Site.

Adorei, muito bom.
Gosto das musicas da Jewel Kilcher, elas são calmas, boas e as letras são lindas.

Seria legal se a Jewel viesse ao Brasil para fazer um show. :-)

Jewel, felicidades pra voce, tudo de bom e continue sempre cantando e fazendo sucesso, espero que seja feliz sempre.

Thank You.
See you Jewel.

my ICQ is: 46527510
Entry created: 04-14-2003 6:37
Name: Chris
From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Keep up the good work, guys!
Entry created: 04-04-2003 22:30
Name: André
From: The Hague, Netherlands
Great site!

She is an angel..
Entry created: 03-23-2003 1:38
Name: I
From: Fairview, United States of America
You have an absolutely amazing site. Keep up the wonderful work; you definitely do justice for her and the wonderful person that she is. Your site shows all her beautiful sides. Again, great job.
Entry created: 03-13-2003 0:25
Name: Michael
From: Ottawa, Canada
Great site, professionally done, and great photos....\'real photos\' are just fab. She\'s talented and beautiful
Entry created: 03-09-2003 5:43
Name: don wilson
From: greenwood, United States of America
hi jewel,ive attended 3 of your concerts. the first was at the deer creek music were wonderful. i fell in love immediately. you were just so cute and funny..won the crowd over. remember me? i was the guy in the last row wearing the white shirt. rock on,baby!
Entry created: 03-06-2003 0:54
From: LAGOS, Nigeria
Entry created: 02-26-2003 15:45
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