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Name: Michiel the dutch Jewelfan
From: Amsterdam, Netherlands
hello Rindert, This is Michiel, the dedicated Jewelfan! Thanks for providing me with the help and passion for making my site a more nice site and much better to navigate ! I really enjoy your help and i hope we can continue our sites partnership! I hope we can help eachother so that we can have the nicest dutch Jewelsites! Jewel is my hero, she will stay forever in my heart! bye Michiel the dutch Jewelfan
Entry created: 06-16-2002 22:36
Name: Rindert Vonk (TFA)
From: Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Hi jewelfans,
I hereby wanna declare this new guestbook openend!!
If you have anything on your mind you wanna share with us please feel free to post a message in the guestbook.I hope you like my website I'm working very hard to keep the site as much up to date as possible but please bare with me.
I hope I reach the 3000 barrier someday. Do you wanna help me break it, sent me your pics!
Entry created: 06-15-2002 18:32
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