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Name: rick
From: Ursem, Netherlands
Eeey fan's...I'm a Dutch fan! And I like to tell that this is become one of her greatest sites I'v seen. I think she is the best singer in the hole world. It's a pitty she doesn't come to the Netherlands anymore, I hope she would ever come back. I'll be there...Love U Jewel.....Rick
Entry created: 03-30-2005 21:35
Name: Max
From: Atlanta, United States of America
Jewel is the best large-breasted folk singer ever!!!
Entry created: 02-18-2005 7:47
Name: Ramy Abu NAjem
From: jeddah, Jordan
Jewel is the one ...
she is the best singer ever and the most beautyful lady in the sing world ..

i love her SoOoOoOoOoOoOo MUCH
Entry created: 02-16-2005 15:40
Name: Ari
From: Jakarta, Indonesia
I love jewel, I love her music, I love her voice,I love her lyrics, I love her songs, I love her poetry, I love the way she plays guitar, I love the way she sings, I love the way she laughs, The point is I love everything about her.
Entry created: 02-16-2005 3:22
Name: shan
From: Jakarta, Indonesia
Firstly i\'d like to say thanks to Rindert Vonk & Michiel v. Gorkum for making this great website. this site was the first website that has detail and complet pictures i\'ve ever seen. thanx for those photos and informations. and i didn\'t see anything at the downloads links, can you help me?
Entry created: 01-29-2005 12:44
Name: ari
From: jakarta, Indonesia
i just wanna say that i adore jewel so much ang grateful for jewelgallery.and i\'m also wondering if i could receive anything bout jewel through my email. that would be great. thanx
Entry created: 01-23-2005 4:16
Name: JJ
From: Escanaba, MI, United States of America
I saw Jewel perform in Alaska with her Dad over 20 years ago and have been a fan ever since!! She is the most amazing person I have ever met.
Entry created: 01-12-2005 0:30
From: COCOA FL., United States of America
Entry created: 11-16-2004 1:38
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