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Name: kasumi
From: Tokyo, Japan

This site is wonderful☆
I love Jewel and sing Jewel's songs in Karaoke(←maybe Japanese word...this mean that place which people his favorite songs)♪
Recently, Jewel's song,"Intuition" is used by TV CM Tokyo of in Japan(*^□^*) So I'm very happy☆★

If you want to, please your reply♪
Entry created: 04-16-2006 0:32
Name: emily wilke
From: wahiawa, United States of America
I love your singing voice!!!!:)
Entry created: 03-21-2006 21:42
Name: kiera
From: Wicklow, Ireland
Really is an excellent website that I have visited many times over the years. It\'s unbeatable for Jewel pictures and is looking better an better. Thanks!
Entry created: 03-14-2006 18:41
Name: Amy Manuel
From: Brookhaven, United States of America
Thank you so much for all the time that you have dedicated to such an amazing sight. The best sight out there.
Man, I wish I wish that I had that Jewel signed guitar. How special with the drawing too.
Entry created: 03-14-2006 8:00
Name: Lisa
From: Harrington, United States of America
Just saw the alice in wonderland video! Cant get the song out of my head already!! Cant wait to hear the rest of the album in MAy!!
Entry created: 03-07-2006 23:35
Name: Legion Diablo Zhentao Shan Djinch Ren
From: Lubbock, United States of America
Jewel is a funk goddess!!, artist of life, music, literature, art, my whole reflection insane.
Entry created: 02-11-2006 2:00
Name: Stan D. Parker
From: Shelton, United States of America
Wow Jewel I have admired You all through your career, specially when I seen/heard "Stand" The Video gave me chills and I felt a connection to You through the words, FABULOUS JOB SWEETHEART, keep it up and stay Gorgeous as ever, CCK's To You!!! (Candie Coated Kisses) & Warm Hugs =8^)+++(^8=
Entry created: 02-03-2006 7:18
Name: Tori
From: milwaukee, United States of America
Dear, Jewel
Thank you for opening my heart again. I thought I lost the book A night without armor.But one night I came across it and this time I could not put it down. I thought to my safe life as I new it was ending and I hated god because all the shit I\'ve been though. Reading this book was like almost reading my life. I can relate to alot of what u had to say.But when I got to the end of the book I read God Exists Quietly and Miracle . It made me think agout everything. GOD does exists and my life is a test of time so I cried and cried and said I am sorry for what i had ever said about hating GOD, I LOVE GOD. I wouldn\'t be the person I am today without her or him. So I say I beleave that she or he will be by my side always. So I just wanted to say thank you.
thank you so much
Entry created: 01-03-2006 1:27
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