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Name: Autumn
From: San Bernadino, United States of America
Hi. You rock! I think you are beautiful. -Autumn
Entry created: 11-07-2004 19:54
Name: Jessica
From: Vacaville C.A, United States of America
Hi Jewel you are the Best
Entry created: 11-07-2004 19:50
Name: Venla
From: Helsinki, Finland
What\'s going on? is offline.
Entry created: 10-18-2004 14:04
Name: wilmer gamueda
From: Urdaneta, Philippines
i love JEWEL!

Entry created: 10-02-2004 10:55
Name: Venla
From: Helsinki, Finland
Some of the thumbs in the New Pictures -section aren't working, starting on page six. But other than that, the site still rules.
Entry created: 09-03-2004 10:54
Name: Daniel
From: PrinceRUpert, Canada
i love Jewel\'s music
i was going though her pictures but wasn't happy, cause the pictures doesn't match what u click.
but i love the pictures.
Entry created: 08-30-2004 8:49
Name: cj
From: perth, Australia
i love jewel and i totally love your webpage
Entry created: 08-13-2004 16:41
Name: Nata
From: Europe, Finland
Moi Venla!You have also from Finland.Great, I though Jewel don't have any others fan ih her ;)

I don't know what's going on, hope it will come back, it was also good site.
Entry created: 08-08-2004 12:05
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