Hello everyone,
Welcome to my website about Jewel. After some time of no updates, I finnaly found some time to update my site again. I've been looking for new pictures of the lovely Jewel a lot the last weeks and i found about 400 new ones. I've all put them here for you viewing pleasure, There are now 4874 to view on this site.
I also introduced a new section to the gallery, called 'Events' I's kind of an replacement for the 'Awards' section. In the 'Events' section you find all old award shows, some new ones and also pictures of Jewel on other events. In the list below you can always get quick links to the most recently changed sections.
Latest updates
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New pictures 414 Sep 10th 2006
Swiss National Day 4 Sep 10th 2006
Miscellaneous 22 Sep 10th 2006
Magazine Covers 39 Sep 10th 2006
Live at Z100 25 Sep 10th 2006
Pantene, Provoice 43 Sep 10th 2006
Hampshire 6 Sep 10th 2006
This Way 19 Sep 10th 2006
Spirit 19 Sep 10th 2006
Pieces of You 9 Sep 10th 2006
CD stuff 23 Sep 10th 2006
Goodbye Alice In Wonderland 14 Sep 10th 2006
0304 23 Sep 10th 2006
Sunset Sessions 42 Sep 10th 2006
KFDM 7 Sep 10th 2006
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-> Discography en lyrics fixed
posted on 24 November, 2006 by Rindert
-> Radom picture & statisics
posted on 10 September, 2006 by Rindert
-> Database loss
posted on 10 September, 2006 by Rindert
-> No banner!
posted on 19 December, 2005 by Rindert
-> New server
posted on 09 December, 2005 by Rindert
-> Jewel about Joni Mitchel
posted on 11 April, 2005 by Rindert
-> Lyrics Search and New pictures
posted on 18 February, 2005 by Rindert
-> Unedited is open again!
posted on 10 February, 2005 by Rindert
-> Site updated!!
posted on 22 January, 2005 by Rindert
-> New pictures finnaly online
posted on 01 April, 2004 by Rindert
Random picture
Last Call with Carson Daly, januari 18th 2002
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What makes Jewel so special that we all love her music?
Jewel's great own written lyrics on all records so far!
Jewel's sense for humour and her charming personality!
Jewel's cute face and attitude on stage!
Jewel's beautiful voice when she sings!
Jewel's sweet songs that are written with love!

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