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Name: ari
From: Jakarta, Indonesia
Thank you for this website!
everything i want to know bout jewel is in this website
great job
Entry created: 01-18-2009 18:50
Name: carol
From: sofia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Entry created: 07-26-2008 1:43
Name: Batman
From: Gotham, United States of America
Why arent those topless beach pictures of Jewel on the site?
Entry created: 06-19-2008 12:41
Name: Rachel
From: Kentucky, United States of America
Great collection of pictures! =]
Entry created: 08-03-2007 0:01
Name: Toby
From: Phoenix, United States of America
This is a great site!
Entry created: 07-30-2007 20:37
Name: sally caballero
From: Renton,WA, United States of America
Nice Jewel fan site!
Entry created: 07-10-2007 7:31
Name: Sarah Miller
From: Custer Kentucky, United States of America
Jewel is the most beautiful person out there! She stands for so much! Her beauty shines from within and bursts on the outside. Most of us only daydream of becoming a fraction of the wonderful soal she is. I loved this site & will visit often. Jewel is everything I wish I could be!
Entry created: 01-17-2007 19:46
Name: TDS
From: Phoenix, United States of America
Jewel is the best! This is a great site.
Entry created: 01-02-2007 17:04
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